Wine Surgery


We've got the answers.

To our knowledge this is a unique service. Via text or email, anyone can ask us a question and we guarantee to reply within 30 minutes (unless it is the middle of the night!). Questions can on any wine related matter for example:

  • I am having beef wellington this evening - what should I drink
  • I have 2008 claret in my cellar - is it ready to drink?
  • Does Ch. X need to breathe and if so, for how long?
  • Please can I have a wine menu description for Argentinian Malbec?
  • I have an event for 200 people. How many bottles should I order as my merchant only allows sale or return up to 10%
  • How cold should Champagne be to serve?
  • Should we decant red Burgundy?
  • What does Beaujolais go with?
  • I have an old bottle of Rioja – what is it worth?
  • What is the perfect white wine to make kir?
  • How should I store my wine?
  • How do I know if a wine is corked?
  • Is wine in screw cap any good?

Again the questions can be about wines that are not from us. This is a genuinely independent service for which there is no charge – to help and support our customers.

For more information about this service please email Richard (